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Providing WA with the highest quality, best tasting Natural Spring Water. Bulk drinking water supplies for our vast, dry developing landscape. Unique rehydration solutions.


Safe, Transportable, Bulk Drinking Water - For Mining, Industry & Events

1,000 Lt Transportable Aquapax

Transportable Aquapax Natural Spring Water can be supplied to remote communities, work sites or businesses for a long term, additional demand or emergency Bulk Drinking Water Supply solution.

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5 Lt Cask Natural Spring Water

The 5lt Cask enables our high quality, Natural Spring Drinking Water, to be personally or individually dispensed. It’s extremely portable, has an easy open spigot tap and comes complete with inset handles.

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Water Cooler Rehydration Station

Our Rehydration Station is a purpose designed water cooler, specifically manufactured and industrialized for the harsh conditions associated with the Australian mining industry.

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Aquapax Perth | Bulk Natural Spring Drinking Water

Aquapax Perth was established in 2012 to localize and service growing demands for quality, safe, drinking water supply to WA’s mining and construction industries and the demands of remotely located communities. Bulk Drinking Water Supplies WA Pty Ltd and Aquapax Australia Pty Ltd are family owned and operated companies, with over 25 years frontline experience in the drinking water industry.

Aquapax Perth provides WA with the highest quality, best tasting pristine Natural Spring Water to satisfy and provide unique rehydration solutions to our dry, vast, remote and developing landscape.

Our protected source is located in the Darling Ranges east of Perth and provides Aquapax Perth with a high quality Natural Spring Water supply, direct from the pristine Darling Ranges. The purposely fitted out filling and manufacturing facility incorporates the latest technology, together with strict policies and procedures to ensure the provision of a safe, transportable great tasting quality Drinking Water product at all times.

Aquapax Perth’s 1000lt Bulk Drinking Water Unit has meet with great success and acclaim. The 1000lt Units are uniquely designed to provide a quality product with unparalleled keeping qualities. This, together with one way freight costs and a reduced environmental footprint, means the 1000lt Bulk Drinking Water Units provide great value and flexibility for all clients.

In response to client demands, Aquapax Perth has recently introduced a new 5lt Cask of natural Spring Water. This new product provides customers with a greater product choice to service Rehydration needs in the workplace.

Aquapax Perth is sensitive to the environment and has minimized packaging and wastage. The environmental impact of the collection and disposal and/or the reuse of Bottled Drinking Water has been totally eliminated with the use of Aquapax units.


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Aquapax Perth is focused on providing the mining and construction industries, along with WA’s remote and isolated communities, with a flexible, transportable, high quality and safe solution for all Drinking Water requirements, anywhere.

Quality Controlled Perth Bulk Drinking Water

Aquapax Perth specialises in supplying easy to transport bulk drinking water, to remote communities, mines and community events. Range of products and sizes, including a water cooler which plugs directly into the 1,000L unit. Quality controlled & tested.


1,000l bulk drinking water units, perfect for remote communities. A new 5l cask, for personal use.

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Water Cooler

Innovative, purpose designed water cooler, tough enough for the harshest conditions. Fresh, cool water.

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Water Analysis

All Aquapax Products are Batch Controlled and NATA Registered Laboratory Tested. Best quality.

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