Bulk Drinking Water – 1,000 Lt Transportable Aquapax Unit

Bulk Drinking Water – 1,000 Lt Transportable Aquapax Unit - AP 1000

The 1,000 Litre Transportable Aquapax is an innovative and cost effective way to supply bulk, micro-filtered drinking water to people and businesses in remote regions all over Australia and the world.

The unique “one way” transport and fully recyclable packaging enables the provision of quality, safe, drinking water to be sent to any location, in any environment. With simple hose connections to dispensers, or direct turn valve dispensing, our Transportable Aquapax Natural Spring Water can be immediately supplied to remote communities, work sites or businesses for a long term, additional demand or emergency Bulk Drinking Water Supply solution.

Aquapax 1,000lt comes with a complete 2 year Best Before date and a 2 year taste and quality guarantee. This ensures complete peace of mind and allows maximum site usage flexibility, for compliant rehydration requirements. A safe and palatable rehydration solution, with natural spring water.

Aquapax 1,000lt Drinking Water units are  N.A.T.A. Registered, Laboratory tested and individually certified, complying with all relevant drinking water standards. Approved plant and manufacturing policies and procedures are in accordance with recommendations of the FDA and the Australian Bottled Water Institute of Australia. HACCP policies and procedures are strictly complied with at all times.

Customer Testimonial“Thank you again for you and your teams assistance with this. You truly made this an easy and swift process.”

The Transportable Aquapax water unit essentially comprises an octagonal-shaped outer cardboard box (for strength), which houses a uniquely designed inner-liner, barrier bag, which has been scientifically developed and engineered to ensure that the encapsulated water contained within is given maximum protection from all other potential external environmental contaminants, which may otherwise cause the water to prematurely spoil and taint.

Bulk Drinking Water – 1,000 Lt Transportable Aquapax Unit - Provides

  • A “one-way” palletized bulk drinking water pack, for easy transportation.
  • A “one-way” bulk drinking water pack that has a Best Before date of 2 Years.
  • A “one-way” bulk drinking water pack that is fully recyclable following end usage.
  • A “one-way” bulk drinking water pack that has easy to use (tamper proof) 20mm ball valve.
  • A “one-way” bulk drinking water pack that is fully waterproof, UV resistant and food safe materials.
  • A “one-way” bulk drinking water pack compliant with AS 2070-1999 and FDA requirements.
  • A “one way” bulk drinking water pack  displaying all NATA ACCREDITED Typical Laboratory Analysis.
  • A “one-way” bulk drinking water pack of 20 x 1000 Lt can be loaded into a 20’ shipping container.
  • A “one-way” bulk drinking water pack that is tamper proof by design.
  • A “one-way”bulk drinking water pack individually certified/tested and batch controlled certificate.
  • A “one-way” bulk drinking water pack that never has to be returned, no cleaning and no re-filling.
  • A “one-way”bulk drinking water pack with no returns, reduced transportation and carbon footprint.
  • A “one-way” bulk drinking water pack that is brand new, no reuse, no chemicals, no refilling.

Following our extensive laboratory testing and research, we have now proven that we can perfectly preserve premium quality drinking water for periods of up to two years in our all new Transportable Aquapax, without any detectable taint, bacteriological cross-contamination, odour or spoiling of taste.


  • Award Winning Australian Design and 100% Recyclable
  • Specifically manufactured for the Australian Mining Industry
  • Workplace Health & Safety Approved Potable Water Supply
  • Australian Bottled Water Institute (ABWI) – Policies & Procedures
  • HACCP Policy & Procedures (Food Safety Quality Systems)
  • NATA Accredited (Water Quality Warranty) – Laboratory Tested
  • 2 Years Best Before Date
  • One-Way Freight, No Returns, Fully Recyclable


  • Remote & Isolated Communities
  • Mining, Oil & Gas Industries
  • Exploration Crews
  • Mobile Maintenance Crews
  • Construction Sites
  • Road Construction
  • Emergency Relief & Emergency Back-up Supplies
  • Natural Disasters
  • Promotions & Special Events/ Functions


  • All Aquapax 1,000lt units are individually palletised on a non-returnable pallet.
  • Dimensions are 1200mm x 1200mm x 1200mm.
  • Pallet Weight – Approx. 1100kg.

Freight Arrangements

  • Aquapax Perth will deliver to Metro Perth FREE of charge for orders of 4 plus pallets.
  • Quantities 1 to 3 pallets to be quoted individually.
  • Freight to locations outside Perth Metro to be quoted.

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