Bulk Water – 5Lt Cask Natural Spring Water – Aquapax

Bulk Water – 5Lt Cask Natural Spring Water – Aquapax - AP 5/3

Aquapax Perth has introduced a New 5lt Cask  in response to customer demand for a smaller, personal use drinking water container.  Following extensive research and a very successful on-site trial period, they have now become an addition to our product line.

The 5lt Cask enables our high quality, Natural Spring Drinking Water, to be personally or individually dispensed. It’s extremely portable, has an easy open spigot tap and comes complete with inset handles and 1 year Best Before date.

Strict manufacturing controls at all stages of manufacture, ensure the same high quality product and peace of mind drinking is assured, as in all Aquapax Products and our well tested 1,000lt units.

Aquapax AP 5/3 – 5lt Casks – offer complete mobility for workers who are on the move, such as drivers, operators, mobile work stations and at remote sites. Casks are tough and durable and made from recyclable material. They are tamper evident and drinking water safe, contamination and deterioration free and are great value in the provision of rehydration solutions for the workplace, remote sites or living quarters.

All 5lt Casks come with our fully tested Taste and Quality Guarantee.

Bulk Water – 5Lt Cask Natural Spring Water – Aquapax - Provides

  • Individual or group dispensing of Natural Spring Water
  • Portable and easily distributed
  • Recyclable and easy waste management control
  • Best Before date of 1 year
  • Pallet lot Batch Control /Testing certification
  • Food Safe materials and tamper evident packaging
  • Compliant with AS 2070-1999 and FDA requirements
  • NATA Accredited Laboratory Typical Analysis
  • No returns, no cleaning, no chemicals and no re-filling


  • Australian Materials And Design, 100% Recyclable
  • Specifically Manufactured For The Australian Mining Industry
  • Workplace Health & Safety Approved Potable Water Supply
  • Australian Bottled Water Institute (ABWI) – Policies & Procedures
  • HACCP Policy & Procedures (Food Safety Quality Systems)
  • NATA Accredited (Water Quality Warranty) – Laboratory Tested
  • 1 Year Best Before Date
  • One-Way Freight, No Returns, Recyclable


  • Individual Drivers, Operators & Living Quarters
  • Remote & Isolated Communities
  • Mining, Oil & Gas Industries
  • Exploration Crews
  • Mobile Maintenance Crews
  • Construction Sites
  • Road Construction
  • Emergency Relief & Emergency Back-up Supplies
  • Natural Disasters
  • Promotions & Special Events/ Functions


  • Aquapax 5lt casks are palletized on returnable/exchange Chep or Loscam pallets.
  • Aquapax 5lt casks are packed 3 x 5 lt casks per each Shipper Box. Each Shipper Box weighs 15kg.
  • Certified Pallet Lot contains 60 x Shipper Boxes or 180 x 5 lt casks.
  • Dimensions of pallet 1200 x 1200 x 1350 H.
  • Pallet lot weighs 950kg.

Freight Arrangements

  • Aquapax Perth will deliver to Metro Perth FREE of charge  orders of 4 plus pallets.
  • Order quantities of 1 to 3 pallets to be quoted individually.
  • Freight to locations outside Perth Metro to be quoted.

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