The Aquapax Perth Water Cooler Rehydration Station

The Aquapax Perth Water Cooler Rehydration Station -

The AQUAPAX Water Cooler REHYDRATION STATION is an innovative, purpose designed water cooler, specifically manufactured and industrialized for the harsh conditions associated with the Australian mining industry.

The robustly built Aquapax Rehydration Station is intended to be used as an accessory in direct conjunction with micro-filtered Aquapax 1,000lt Drinking Water Units, which are currently being used on many mine and construction sites across Australia.

The 1,000lt patented Transportable Aquapax micro-filtered drinking water unit, connects directly to the portable Water Cooler Rehydration Station (pictured), which is capable of producing up to 30lt per hour of chilled Natural Spring Water, requiring only a standard 240VAC 10Amp general purpose outlet.

The unique Aquapax Water Cooler Rehydration Station system, is a cost effective and environmentally responsible solution for the supply and delivery of bulk potable drinking water supplies into work sites and into remote regions.

Customer Testimonial – “Yes, they’re great; right next to the work fronts, easy to set up and use, keeps the lads happy, ticks all the boxes”

For more information on the AQUAPAX WATER COOLER REHYDRATION STATION contact Greg Hanson  on 0412 588 381 OR email greg@aquapaxperth.com.au


  • 3 Step set-up (quick & uncomplicated)
  • Very mobile & transportable
  • Robust Vandal & impact resistant construction
  • Stylish granite finish
  • 100% rust proof cabinet
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Incorporates drink bubbler tap and a 360 degree swivel, heavy duty bottle filler tap
  • Industrial strength, durable steel manual carry handles
  • Requires a 240VAC 10Amp GPO
  • Automatic pump cut-out switch, turns unit off when Aquapax is empty
  • Separate manual pump over-ride control switch
  • Unit weighs approximately 30Kgs
  • Capable of continuously supplying 25-30lt of chilled (chemical free) Natural Spring water per hour
  • Capable of connecting (in line) to an ice making machine


  • Remote & Isolated Communities
  • Mining, Oil & Gas Industries
  • Exploration Crews
  • Mobile Maintenance Crews
  • Construction Sites
  • Road Construction
  • Emergency Relief & Emergency Back-up Supplies
  • Natural Disasters
  • Sporting Events
  • Promotions & Special Events / Functions

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